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Group News

All what you need to know about Poclain Group activities !

[Press Release] Poclain Electrifies Its Technological Solutions With The Acquisition Of MOTEG

A controlling stake in MOTEG, a German electric motors' maker
Press release
March 11, 2024

Poclain Group Sells Poclain Technicast Foundry To C2MAC Group

The Poclain Group sold its Poclain Technicast foundry to the company C2MAC
Press release
July 19, 2022
Nouveau capital

Poclain Group Reorganises Its Capital And Reasserts Its Independence

Backed by Crédit Mutuel Equity (leader of the financing round), Picardie Investissement and FE2T
Press release
July 11, 2022

POCLAIN Is Accelerating Its Development

POCLAIN is accelerating its development in electromobility and connected services
Press release
June 13, 2022