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[Press Release] Poclain Electrifies Its Technological Solutions With The Acquisition Of MOTEG

The Poclain Group is a world leader in designing and manufacturing hydrostatic and electrohydraulic transmissions. The company has just announced that it acquired a controlling stake in MOTEG, a German company specialising in designing and making electric motors, on January 31, 2024.

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This strategic acquisition represents an important milestone in Poclain’s ENGAGE 2025 roadmap kick-started by the group in 2020. With MOTEG now embedded in Poclain’s ecosystem, the group will cement its technological capacity for designing and manufacturing the electro-mobility solutions of the future as the company responds to the major environmental issues of the day. 

Poclain is now in a strong position following its 2022 acquisition of EMSISO, a specialist in inverters (electric motor controllers), and the launch of its first electro-hydraulic hybrid solutions. The group holds all the trump cards for stepping up the transition of the off-road vehicle transmission market towards 100% electric through dedicated, leading-edge offers.


MOTEG, founded in 2014 in Flensburg, Germany, is recognised as a leading company in electric motors and high-performance products designed for use in buses, lorries and other off-road applications. Poclain is delighted to conclude the financing round alongside the family-owned German industrial group HN Holding and MOTEG’s founder, Dr Siegfried Götz. In joining Poclain, MOTEG will have access to the group’s international, commercial and industrial network, enabling it to grow its activities and fast-track its development. 


"We’re delighted to welcome MOTEG to the Poclain family", begins Laurent Bataille, Poclain Chairman. "This acquisition builds on our commitment to electric mobility, positioning us as the preferred partner for our clients who are obliged to cater to the growing needs of their markets".


“We are quite enthusiastic to join Poclain” stated Siegfried Götz. “Together with HN Holding, Poclain will bring us the critical mass to provide high end competitive electrical drives to our historical end markets and opens exciting business opportunities in the off-road fields. Poclain, and Moteg share some common values such as a strong customer focus, a passion for innovative and efficient solutions together with a strong agility”. 


Founded in 1927, Poclain boasts a workforce of 2,300 people employed on eight industrial sites and six research and development centres worldwide. With a turnover of €500 million – 90% of which is generated on the international stage – Poclain upholds its reputation for excellence and its commitment to innovation. Seven percent of its revenue is invested in research and development every year.

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About MOTEG: Founded in 2014 by Dr Siegfried Götz, MOTEG develops and produces smart drive systems for the electrification of commercial vehicles and machines. MOTEG, which has a turnover of €2.9 million, employs a team of 30 experts devoted to designing high-performance electric motors.

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