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Machining Manufacturing Engineer

  • JR_MR_594
  • United States
  • Regular Full Time
  • June 11, 2022

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a. Develop, evaluate and improve manufacturing methods via process and capital budget improvements and equipment modifications.
b. Analyze and plan workforce standards, space requirements and work flow.
c. Design layout of equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency.
d. Responsible for tool and gage design.
e. Provide technical process support via written manufacturing instructions.
f. Confer with Product Development Team concerning tooling to ensure efficient production methods.
g. Serve as support to purchasing as expert regarding purchase of equipment, materials or parts and evaluate purchased products according to specifications and quality standards.
h. Responsible for documentation control.
i. Estimate production times, staffing requirements and related costs to provide information for management decisions.
j. Confer with management, engineering and other staff regarding manufacturing capabilities, production schedules and other considerations to improve and understand the production processes.
k. Evaluate and apply statistical methods to estimate future manufacturing requirements and potential.
l. Responsible for developing and meeting operations budgets within engineering group; develop, submit and stay within capital expenditures for department.
m. Act as change agent to promote team work, respect, creativity, employment and confidence.
n. Other duties as assigned.
 BSME: Mechanical Engineering degree or other closely related engineering degree.
 Previous engineering experience in manufacturing environment. Prefer background in hydraulics / fluid power.
 Ability to problem solve within a fast-paced manufacturing environment.
 Knowledge of automation and other industrial technologies.