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[video] Industry 4.0 : Poclain Improves Industrial Performance

Unprecedented decision-making and action speed, considerable timesavings, indispensable operational efficiency, these are the benefits of implementing a factory data management solution that boosts the teams efficiency in the field and improves industrial performance.

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The field data centralization, enhancement and knowledge sharing of is one of the major Industry 4.0 challenges. The resulting enriched and shared dashboards are a tremendous performance accelerator thanks to data visualization. The teams enrich the platform and are all connected to it. This speeds up problem solving. From one plant to another, operational optimization feeds all production sites and benefits everyone.


Poclain began working with Fabriq three years ago. "We were looking for a solution to improve the performance review within our factories," says Pascal Trilles, Continuous Improvement and Group Quality Manager at Poclain Hydraulics.


Task automation was prioritized from the start. The objective was to save time in data collection for quality, maintenance, and interactions with machine performance monitoring. This allows you to focus on the data analysis and implementing actions.


The deployment plan concerns all eight Poclain factories. It was done remotely. This is one of the strengths of this solution. In particular, in India in Pondicherry, the implementation was carried out without an on-site presence. This is a challenge when you know that this solution impacts field operators’ daily routines.

Operational Benefits


Previously, teams spent a lot of time manually collecting data to capitalize on it. Today, this solution saves precious time with gains in speed and decision-making efficiency, and implementing actions. Sharing topics with the team and escalating them from the field to factory management is easier. The operational benefits are tangible. Factory performance is improving on a daily basis.


Loïc Sainte-Beuve, Poclain Hydraulics Site Director: “Fabriq enables good practices to be shared between sites across the entire group. We have to go in this direction! […] This makes it possible to produce outputs, to make calculations, to have a good dialogue between stakeholders and to have a dashboard to manage the plant easily. The fact that the data is centralized in a single tool and accessible anywhere in the factory, via tablet, telephone or computer, greatly streamlines communication within the site.

Going backwards is not an option!


Steve Desmaret, Assembly Production Supervisor, Poclain Hydraulics, “previously each sector leader reported deviations, indicators and performance with their own definition and understanding, which posed problems for interpretation and communication in general. Fabriq is a communication tool that really helps us improve in analyzing these gaps. »


The solution is super intuitive. With the new technologies that are part of our daily lives today, Fabriq is within the reach of all operators and all managers. On the sites where Fabriq has been deployed, our managers would not agree to go back and bring out their flip charts and Excel files for anything in the world.


Fabriq is yet to be deployed in three factories before the end of the year: Brno (Czech Republic), Yorkville (USA) and Shanghai (China). Soon data from all production sites will be able to be shared around the world in real time. The solution is also being tested at our test center in France. The goal is to generate the same benefits for the production lines and to standardize the solution for the whole group.