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Poclain group's DNA

Poclain is an independant industrial group specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of hydrostatic and electrohydraulic transmissions, headquartered in France. Our expertise, known throughout the world, enables us to operate in highly diversified markets such as automotive, agriculture, construction, environmental, material handling, the industrial sectors and many others.

In the spotlight

In the spotlight

Poclain Hydraulics group's division dedicated to hydrostatic and electrohydraulic transmissions

Poclain Hydraulics is the division of Poclain group specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of hydrostatic and electrohydraulic transmissions and their related engineering services to provide customers with innovative solutions that enhance vehicle performance, energy savings and safety.


e+h is the Poclain Hydraulics electrification solution that will support you in creating differentiating zero emission machines with performance similar to diesel versions and optimized battery life. e+h accelerates your time to market with a solution that maintains the current rugged hydrostatic core and reduces your development costs and industrial investments thanks to high commonality with diesel platforms.
laurent bataille
Our approach focuses on innovation. It is the driving force that motivates each Poclain team and which guides every area of the business. It is this culture that involves managing change and continuous progress in the closest possible proximity to the field and to clients that enables us to grow throughout the world.
Laurent BATAILLE, Chairman of the Board
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20 years of Poclain China

Poclain Hydraulics China 20th Anniversary Celebration

20 years of success on the Chinese market
November 30, 2022
INPI 2021

Poclain In The Top 10 Among ETI Filing Patents

Poclain Hydraulics is once again in the 2021 patents ranking
July 28, 2022
Industry 4.0 Fabriq

[video] Industry 4.0 : Poclain Improves Industrial Performance

Unprecedented decision-making and action speed
July 21, 2022