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Poclain Hydraulics Receives Gold Award For Innovation In Slovenia

Poclain Hydraulics Slovenia received the Innovative Slovenia's gold award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its HCC-200 freewheeling valve. 

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Innovative Slovenia gold award

“Innovative Slovenia” is an event organized by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Each year, it allows local companies to introduce their innovative products, processes, or ideas.
This year, Poclain Hydraulics d.o.o. joined the competition for the first time and introduced the HCC-200 freewheeling valve. Among numerous incoming innovations (16 competitors for the regional prize), Poclain Hydraulics received a gold award for its HCC-200 Freewheeling valve!


Slovenia award


The ceremony took place last week in Kranj, the headquarters of Gospodarka zbornica Slovenije (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia). The event was encompassed with musicians and speakers. 


gold award Slovenia


The HCC-200 Freewheeling valve is an innovation to manage the auxiliary drive on agricultural harvesters. This valve enables energy savings due to reduced pressure losses and an innovative control method. It provides comfort for the driver and reduces risks of external oil leakage, resulting in a low risk of environmental pollution. Improved control also reduces loads on other components in a system. 

Congratulation to the team who participated: Jernej Bradeško, Mufid Bešić, Matej Erznožnik, Boris Novak and Anže Čelik.



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