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Poclain Hydraulics at MSOE for NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge

On Monday July 4th, our Yorkville, WI USA facility sponsored NFPA’s Fluid Power Action Challenge at MSOE alongside other local businesses and associations.

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Two of our application engineers, Joe Iberl and Ninaad Gajghate gave their time to local middle school students with this STEM challenge, while making hydraulics fun and interesting.


The challenge culminated with the competition on Monday May 23rd at MSOE in Milwaukee, WI, where students proved their designs and then competed to see which team could move the most objects in a two-minute period. Our AE’s helped coach the teams through the build part of the project and then participated in the event judging the teams.


The goal of the challenge was for small teams to build a machine, powered by hydraulics, capable of picking up and moving objects to precise locations on a board. The challenge gave the students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with tools, teamwork and applied engineering skills in hydraulics.


The event is a great way to promote fluid power early on to local students and give back to the community. Valuing people at Poclain means giving back to the community, and helping our employees find common platforms that make that possible. This is just one way we are helping to shape the future of hydraulics.