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International Internship Opportunities For Engineering Students

Mathieu, a 21-year-old French engineering student, came to Poclain Hydraulics Brno, Czech Republic, for his 11-week internship abroad. He is working on improving the efficiency and safety of our assembly line.

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Mathieu is a student at ICAM in Lille, northern France. As part of his engineering studies, he had to complete an internship abroad, so he decided to join Poclain in the Czech Republic. As part of his dual studies, he studied half time at school and worked half time as an apprentice engineer at Hauts de Bois, a timber working company in northern France. He decided to join Poclain to experience working in an industrial company, which is different from the construction sector.

"This internship is my first professional experience abroad," Mathieu says.

After a previous internship at Poclain in France as a technician 2 years ago, Mathieu decided to come back for a new experience, this time abroad. After a few days of familiarization with the culture and processes of the Czech plant, he quickly became a valuable member of the local team. As part of his internship, he aims to improve the efficiency and safety of the assembly line. Specifically, he is focusing on the ACOD section, the final stage of the motors assembly line, which is responsible for quality checks before the motors are stored in the warehouse. “The project deadline coincides with my return to France in mid-March, making it a dynamic and challenging experience,”  he said.


Despite the demanding nature of his internship, Mathieu is looking forward to exploring the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. As a travel enthusiast, he's had the opportunity to travel around Europe with friends and family in the past, but he's never been to Eastern Europe. "This internship is my first professional experience abroad, and I want to make the most of this opportunity to discover a region I've never seen before"  he said. 

"Poclain helped me a lot when I joined. They took care of everything, from booking my flight to finding me a comfortable place to stay. I was really relaxed when I left France.”

Poclain Hydraulics recognizes the importance of supporting the professional development of future talent. Through internship opportunities, we aim to provide students with experiences that allow them to gain insight into manufacturing processes and technologies, interact with professionals, and bridge the gap between theory and practice to build their future careers.


If you want to know more about our internship offers in the group, check out our career page:

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