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CSR & Biodiversity: Poclain Eco-Pasture Season Started!

Engage in its Corporate Social Responsibility, the sustainable development and the biodiversity are taken into account at Poclain. Choosing eco-pasture is not only to maintain and enrich our green spaces, but also to bring well-being at work.

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In our headquarter in Verberie, France, the eco-pasture season is back. In collaboration with the ESAT de l'Arche (a local medical and social institution), this eco-pasture season allows us to maintain the green spaces of the test track and brings social benefits like well-being at work.

The eco-pasturing is an ideal solution for maintaining our green spaces that complements mechanical maintenance. It preserves biodiversity and soil’s enrichment. Sheep are doing the job without having to put up with the noise of lawnmowers.



This maintenance method, called eco-pasturing, allows us to preserve and restore the fauna and flora of the park. "This solution is becoming increasingly popular in the region for companies that want to preserve their environment," says Aurélie Dujardin, who came with her team to deliver the animals.

This year, we are welcoming two flocks of Solognot sheep, a breed native to the Sologne region of France. These two flocks will live on our premises until October to maintain the green spaces around the mobility area of the test track. One week after their arrival, one ewe gave birth to two lambs.