IVT 2019 Exhibition & Conferences

Poclain at IVT Expo köln Messe 2019
24 janvier 2019

Jean Heren System Advanced Engineering Manager
Poclain Hydraulics FRANCE

Biography: Jean is a mechanical engineer and has been involved in hydraulic power transmission of mobile equipment for more than 30 years. He has developed several innovative systems combining hydraulic, mechanical and electronic control for the propulsion of machines in construction, handling and agricultural markets. He was deeply involved in power transmission optimization, including the development of hydraulic hybrid solutions and, more recently, the development of electrohydraulic systems. Today he is the System Advanced Engineering Manager within the Innovation Group of Poclain in France.


Powertrain optimization using electrohydraulic system

Synopsis: Partial or full integration of electric solutions into off-highway vehicles is an opportunity to optimize working equipment such as excavators, harvesters or material handling machinery. When used in closed-loop circuits, hydrostatic drives offer a simple, robust and efficient solution for energy recovery and performance optimization. Poclain Hydraulics and its customer engineering experts have developed innovative solutions by taking the best of both worlds thanks to hydraulic high-performance solutions and electrohydraulic systems. This presentation will illustrate that using real case applications, such as excavator slew drive, harvester ground drive and winches.

Bruno Lacheteau Director - Truck and Bus Markets
Poclain Hydraulics FRANCE

Biography: Bruno has worked for agricultural tractor manufacturers, car manufacturers and off-road/trucking automotive transmission suppliers. His experience includes engineering as well as sales and marketing. With his strong understanding of the customer experience and knowledge of the value of hydraulic systems, he has been an integral part of several breakthrough automotive and truck industry solutions launched by Poclain Hydraulics.

Poclain Hydraulics AddiDrive for heavy commercial vehicles

Synopsis: Since 2005, Poclain Hydraulics' heavy commercial vehicle offering has consistently evolved. Now available at many European manufacturers, more than 20,000 vehicles use AddiDrive, a hydraulic hybrid transmission that transfers torque to a non-mechanically powered axle only when needed. AddiDrive augments the efficiency and safety of trucks used in construction, forestry and municipal applications, while making them more economical and environmentally friendly. AddiDrive helps users who face last-mile traction problems to maximize uptime and payload. In addition to the technical solution, Poclain now offers co-marketing services to support a successful product launch and manufacturers' sales efforts.