Vision & Mission

A word from the CEO

" The world in which we live is changing fast and becoming more and more complex. Our customers’ demands, standards-related aspects and international competition are bringing us constant challenges. Hydraulic technologies are winning over new market shares all the time.
The Poclain group itself is changing. We are investing in new territories. Our range is expanding to include new product lines. Alongside our traditional business in the “Off-Road” markets, the “On-Road” vehicle market is also one of our targets.
Innovation, constant progress, an international outlook, and anticipation of our investments are in our genes. Our capacity to transform ourselves, our agility, and our commitment to Customer service are evidence of our confidence in the future. "

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Our vision

Industrial, innovative and global, committed to the long term, devoted to its stakeholders and close to its customers, Poclain introduces differentiating solutions for power transmissions that contribute to the success of its customers.


Our mission

We offer our customers high value added solutions and we differentiate ourselves with the implementation of leading-edge technologies.
We want to remain the global leader in cam-lob motors.
Together, we are committed to a strong, sustainable, harmonious and profitable growth.


Our vision for Poclain is both long-term and bold. To move toward what we want our company to be, we must accomplish our mission and set in motion our strategy for growth. Every man and woman in the company is a vital contributor to the success of our collective project. The steering committee, which ensures proper corporate governance, conducts the strategy.

In deploying the strategy, our four operating business lines which design, sell, manufacture and deliver high quality products, pay careful attention to consistency, innovation and optimization in their working methods. To successfully complete their tasks they have the necessary support and resources in a perspective of growing international activities. The foundations of our Company are formed by four historic values, which unite all our workforce on the road to success and continuous improvement.



As well as our traditional turnover and profitability targets, we have targets related to people, innovation and quality, to be deployed in all our business lines. Year after year, we measure our progress. To overcome the obstacles marking our journey toward our vision, together we must take up the new challenges.

Accelerating growth…

  1. Through business line synergy

    Our business model towards each of our OEM customers is that of a tier 1 supplier. All our operating business lines work in synergy, aided by the support functions, both on the development of the products or systems and that of the industrial processes. All of these activities, from prototype to spare parts, through pre-production and mass production, utilize several resources: people, engineering, suppliers, tooling and machinery. Our current turnover is the result of work in years past, sometimes long past. We are working today for our serial production of the next 1 to 5 years, for machines whose lifespan varies from 5 to 10 years. The effective and consistent mobilization of all our business lines is therefore part of a long-term approach.

  2. Through product synergy

    Our customers are vehicle or machinery OEMs for small, medium or high volume production. They must meet market needs by offering, for each new model, better technical performance, better service and optimized cost of ownership for end-users. For all of our markets, we endeavor to find the best deals allowing each of our customers to be differentiated by their hydrostatic transmission. Our systems are used in extremely varied applications throughout the world. We are steered by our sense of creativity and our many years of experience. Quality and reliability are an absolute must in every area. Customers are increasingly entrusting us with the turnkey development of a new transmission. We are passionate about our products and proud of our systems! Therefore, we should grow our various product lines while ensuring synergy so that, as for our radial product line, we can offer our customers competitive component ranges at the leading edge of technology, packaged in systems with high added value.

  3. Throught market anticipation

    We will adapt our existing product lines to be a close fit with customer requirements while also building complete hydrostatic transmission solutions with a concentration of state-of-the-art technology. Anticipation is the motto for our marketing activity and our reflection process regarding resource allocation, both human and financial, for creating new strategic opportunities and offering innovative systems. Known and developed for over fifty years, hydrostatics, with its power density, compactness, high energy efficiency and low environmental impact is a technology of the future! It combines all together mechanical, hydraulic, materials and mechatronic know-how to serve millions of machines and vehicles worldwide.