Poclain's Legendary CK1000 Excavator

Poclain's Legendary CK1000 Excavator On display In Le Plessis-Belleville
November 3, 2017

 On display In Le Plessis-Belleville, France in May 2017
Thousands of visitors gathered to discover or recollect the iconic POCLAIN machinery for the 90 year anniversary of the brand. The event took place in Le Plessis Belleville, where the machinery was manufactured from 1930 until 1988, when the last excavator came out of the assembly line.


CK 1000 Excavator


From the first three-wheeler designed by Georges Bataille and manufactured starting in 1938 to the first hydraulic excavators which were launched in 1949, the giant CK 1000 excavator stood out and fascinated the visitors.

When it came out on the market in 1970 it was the biggest of its kind, measuring 5.75 meters (19 ft) high and 4.5 meters (17.8 ft) wide. Visitors took pictures of themselves standing next to the behemoth, while others stood inside the machine bucket.

The CK 1000 was used for earthmoving and excavating in quarries and open pit mines. It weighed 185 metric tons and featured two twelve cylinder and 445 HP engines. Each track of the CK 1000 excavator was powered by a 6700 cc (409 G2 Poclain motor connected to a reduction gear box. Two additional G2 motors were used without gear box to directly rotate the machine cab.

CK1000 Excavator

CK1000 Excavator

The G2 motor generation replaced the G1 and was capable of reaching higher rotating speeds. It integrated two major design improvements: the cam contained six lobes instead of eight, and the steel cylinder block shaft was made in one piece.