Addidrive New Website

A New Website for Addidrive
November 28, 2016

Poclain Powertrain has successfully launched its website

 An All Wheel Drive Car

With its modern and attractive design, you are given access to the ambitious project of soon making available to all drivers of standard vehicles an affordable all-wheel drive hydraulic transmission that is easy to use and offers safety and reassurance under difficult driving conditions.

 Addidrive Website

After three years of work behind closed doors and an initial public outing at the EQUIP AUTO 2015 trade show, at which Poclain Powertrain was awarded the 2015 innovation prize, it was time for Addidrive to reveal its full potential to all Internet users curious to find out more.

All Drivers

Among other features, you can learn how the solution works and discover Addidrive in video.
Around three years after it was first marketed, the time has now come for Poclain Powertrain to enter Addidrive into the automotive landscape on the Internet. Over and beyond the website itself, Addidrive will use social networks (Youtube, LinkedIn...) to promote its assets among end users.

 All Cars

 Poclain Powertrain's promising history in innovation on the net is only in its infancy. There is no doubt that this website will be the starting point for numerous communication initiatives that will make this THE unmissable solution for all drivers who, in the past, have experienced difficulties when driving on the snow, in mud or on the sand.

Don't pass up on the opportunity: link up and become one of the first Addidrive ambassadors on the Internet!

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