Corporate Social Responsibility

Skills development, ethics, health and well-being in the workplace, local integration and balance between stakeholders are some of the topics now covered by our CSR policy, and represent important issues for the group.

The Poclain group’s CSR policy

Once associated primarily with the concepts of sustainable development, Corporate Social Responsibility now also addresses social issues related to Human Resources and Corporate governance.

In our implementation of the CSR policy, the adjective ‘Social’ relates to whatever pertains to Human Resources, allowing the CSR concept to be directly applicable within our company.

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Ensuring balanced,
sustainable and committed growth

Our social and environmental responsibility in all countries where we operate is part of our values and our corporate vision. The growth and essential profitability of our business are not obtained at the expense of these fundamental commitments.

The life cycle of our products, which combine mechanical, hydraulic and electronic technologies, has a low environmental impact compared to other technologies such as electric. Every effort is made to improve the energy performance of the transmissions that we fit, and to optimize our processes and our industrial sites.

Finally, our growth and profitability are achieved in a balanced manner, taking account of the interests of all Poclain Group stakeholders: customers, shareholders, suppliers, partners and of course employees. In return, we expect our employees to uphold our values and our vision, and give us their unwavering commitment to executing our strategy.

Building blocks of CSR

CSR is the responsibility of a company towards impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment.

CSR is the concept of sustainable development applied to business. It is based on three building blocks: Economic, Social and Ecological. To these is added governance. Clearly, this is the integration of social and environmental dimensions in a business strategy and how to carry out our business with a long term vision.

CSR is based on the interactions between all stakeholders of the company. Stakeholders are fully integrated into the Mission and Vision of Poclain group.


  • Since its creation in 1926, Poclain has always made social responsibility a priority in all the areas where it operates.
  • As a basic principle of Corporate Social Responsibility, stakeholders play a prominent role in the Poclain Group’s Vision.
  • Safety is everyone's business. All Poclain’s industrial sites aim to be OHSAS 18001 certified by 2020 at the latest.
  • According to a locally defined pace, we make the necessary investments to achieve and maintain the levels required by the environmental certifications (ISO 14001) and energy management (ISO 50001).


three reference documents

- a Corporate Social Responsibility Charter - Our Corporate Vision and Mission based on our 4 core values: People - Innovation - International Trade - Independence and the Code of Conduct defines the main principles of action for its employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders

Health, Safety and Environment

A single HSE identity and sharing of common standards for all the Group’s sites.

Conscious of its local and social responsibilities towards its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders, our Group has been implementing since its creation a consistent Health, Safety and Environment (H.S.E) policy across the world.


Poclain has developed, since its creation, a Vision and a Strategy focusing in particular on the ability, for its employees and all its stakeholders to reach their full potential. Thus, our ambition combines a sustaining development approach with advanced economic and social models.

The Group objectives pertaining to our Corporate Social Responsibility are inspired by our 4 core values:

  1. People

    • Train our employees and continuously develop their employability
    • Foster opportunities for internal promotions and ensure the renewal of generations
    • Create a working environment leading to the development of our employees and of their career
    • Work together and respect persons without discrimination for whatever reason
  2. Innovation

    • Develop high performance, economical, safe and eco-friendly hydrostatic systems that improve the performance of our customers’ machines
    • Encourage implementation of best-in-class processes for people and products, that minimize energy consumption and environmental impact
    • Listen to final users to address their expectations in terms of lifetime and environmental footprint
  3. Independence

    • Maintain an exemplary governance with long-term commitments
    • Manage performance on a sustainable basis
    • Build a business that its shareholders, customers and employees find rewarding, while staying loyal to its industrial and family roots and being respectful of people
    • Give preference to partners sharing the same values and ethics
  4. International

    • Wherever we are present, comply with all the regulatory requirements and the OECD standards, develop all measures to manage and prevent risks affecting Health, Safety and the Environment
    • Make ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001 our reference standards
    • Locally and globally support individuals and their community

The principle of Subsidiarity fosters our strong local footprint, develops individual commitment and accountability from all our employees, in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

We commit ourselves to support the successful achievement of the above objectives.

We constantly strive to make Poclain a best-in-class company!